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How do I use your printables?

All printables are designed to be printed onto A4 paper size (approximately 8.5" x 11"). Printables are party designs, templates and printable paper accessories to help you embellish any party. You can use printables invites, and party accessories like cupcake toppers to personalize party favors , dessert tables, party scene, table decoration and more! They give your party a handmade, DIY and custom touch without breaking the bank! Files are dispatched to your by EMAIL only. You simply download them, print and cut - For personal use only! Download instructions are provide, and a list of materials and cut-out instructions are given with every template.  


What materials do I need for printables?

In most cases you need no more than a pair of scissors, a printer and white card stock paper! But a circular 2" (5cm)  round or scallop paper puncher, double-sided tape, craft knife (x-acto knife) ruler, hot glue, lollipop sticks, hole puncher, string or ribbon may also be required depending on the files you purchased. A list of materials needed is given with each template.


When will my printables be sent to me?

Current turnaround time is 72 business hours of payment AND of custom text received. For quicker times, please inquire about a quote and availability before making  a purchase.


I can't see my printable files! Please help!

Please check your spam bin before contacting us. More often than not, they are there. If you still don't have your files, simply email us with a copy of your payment transaction page, and we'll forward them to you.


I received the printables files but it requires a password! Help!

Files are password protected and the password emailed to you with the files. Please check your email again. To open and print you use FREE Adobe Reader software. You cannot edit files in Photoshop nor similar software.


How do I print the printable files?

The printables are emailed to you in PDF format. You use FREE Adobe Reader software to open, customize the text (only in customizable files) and print at home or you can also print at a professional printers - Please ensure you do a test print first to check the colors of their printers is not too saturated! ANY desktop printer does the job. Print items always at 100% quality with print scaling setting to "NONE" to avoid your printout being automatically reduced. We always recommend you do a test print well in advance of your party to ensure your are familiar with the designs and templates, and always print on 100% quality.


The colors of printed items do not match the colors of the printables on the screen! What do I do?

Please note colors may vary depending on the PC monitor you use to view them on screen, and the colors of each printer due to toner variations and saturation in color output, as well as paper quality and type. We always recommend you do a test print well in advance of your party to ensure your are familiar with the designs and templates, and always print on 100% quality. You can perhaps try to compensate for this by adjusting saturation color levels on your printer toner.

If you still not happy, we can change the colors for you at an additional fee. Please ask for a quote.


How do I customize my editable printable files at home?

SOME files we sell can be customized by you digitally after purchase. You simply open the files in Adobe Reader and type your text where indicated in the "blue" editable areas. Please note:


* Edited text cannot be saved and you need to print at time of editing.

* Font styles of editable templates is set by us. You will not be able to change the font styles after purchase.


Why can't I alter the fonts on my editable printable template?

Although you can customize the files digitally in Adobe, the default font in Adobe Reader is set by us and CANNOT be changed by you. If you'd like a different font, please get in touch for a quote.


Can printable files be printed at a professional printers?

All our products are sent as PDF files, which are password-protected. As such, you cannot email the files to be printed at a professional printers online. You would have to drag and drop the PDF onto a USB key or similar device, and then take that in personally yourself to printers such as Staples or Kinkos (Don't forget to take the instructions and password with you!).


I can't save my edited printable  file to take to my local printer! Please Help!

The files have to be edited and printed straight away, as Adobe also does not allow saving of password-protected files. If this is not suitable, we can edit and email you the finished templates and all you do is print. Please ask for a quote (subject to design time availability).


What paper do you recommend for printing my printables on?

In most cases I use standard A4 (8.5" x 11") bright, white cardstock available from most craft stores. Some templates require a lighter weight paper (maximum 160g) or standard A4, in which case it's indicated on the file you get.


You may also want to use A4 label paper available online (Amazon) or craft stores for items like party labels, bottle wrappers etc. Just print as normal on 100% quality and punch or cut your templates following the instructions given. Another option is also to print on matte photo paper, fabric transfer paper or anything else you fancy! Just ensure you follow manufacturers instructions!


How do I cut the printable templates?

In most cases using craft scissors or preferably using a straight ruler, x-acto knife and cutting mat to protect your surfaces. You may also want to acquire a 2" (5cm), a 1" 1/2 or a 2" 1/2 diameter round or scallop punch for cutting round party tags and cupcake toppers.


You can buy them at Amazon, Michael's Jo-Anns's or online here: http://www.decocraft.co.uk/shop We also advise you score some items before cutting or folding to avoid paper cracks. You can do the scoring by using a bone folder or ball pen without ink!


Can I re-use the printables for another occasion?

You have unlimited use of the PDF files for personal use only for a duration of 12 months from the date they are sent. You may not share, distribute nor re-sell the digital files nor the printed items. Bird's Party retains all rights. You may use the printed items only for personal parties or if styling a party with the printables yourself.


Instant Download Printables:

Some of our printable can now be downloaded immediately after purchase. You will receive a download link and email with the link to your purchased files.

This link expires in 48 hours. Please also check your spam bin in case your email server sends the files there automatically!


Can you ship the printables ready-printed or ready-cut to me?

We currently only work with printable designs and templates which are emailed to the email address you provided at check out. We do NOT print any printable items. We do NOT ship any printable items by mail or post.


Can I try a sample printable before I purchase?

Sure! Why not try one of our FREEBIES here:  http://www.blog.birdsparty.com/p/free-printables.html






Can you ship party supplies outside the USA?

Yes, we can! For party supplies to EU please shop from our Euro site at BirdsParty.fr. For other locations and rates, please email us to get a custom quote.


When can I expect my party supplies to be delivered?

Delivery times or party supplies depend on the shipping method you selected at the check out, and your destination. For more shipping information, please see our Shipping Page here.


I have placed my order but have yet to receive my party supplies! Please Help!

Please check your order details to see when it was placed, and what shipping method you selected. Please also ensure you provided the correct fee for the USA shipping state your selected at the check out. Orders can only be processed if the correct shipping amount has been paid. If you still need help, then please email us with your Order ID number and order details so we can investigate the problem for you.


My parcel has arrived damaged or broken, or pieces are missing! What should I do?

Please email us within 48 hours of receipt with your Order ID number and order details, along with digital photos of the damaged or defective goods so we can investigate and rectify the problem for you a soon as possible.


I need my party supplies asap! Do you do rush orders?

We'll do our best to comply with your time requirements, but we're still a very small company and as such, our minimum turnaround for processing orders is 4 days. There are four available UPS shipping options for you to choose from at the check out, depending on time of delivery.


Do you offer shipping insurance?

Our UPS shipping options include insurance of packages up to $100. For order over that value, you can buy extra insurance, please email us. For more shipping information, please see our Shipping Page here.


I've received the wrong merchandise or not received it at all. What shoudl I do?

Please email us within 48 hours of receipt, with your Order ID number and order details, along with digital photos so we can investigate and rectify the problem for you a soon as possible. If the item is lost or not arrived, we can fill a search form with the carrier. Important Note: We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or missing boxes that show as "delivered" via tracking number or delivery confirmation number. The customer assumes full responsibility and liability for lost or stolen packages that track as "delivered." It is the responsibility of the customer to notify the carrier if no one is available to physically accept the packages. If an order is refused at delivery or an incorrect address is given, a 20% restocking fee will apply and shipping is never refundable.


I'd like a refund on my party supplies order please. How can I get one?

We do not offer refunds for party supplies products, but can offer an exchange or replacement product if there's a problem with your product or it has arrived damaged. In which case, please email us within 48 hours of receipt of your merchandise with your Order ID and details, and digital photos showing the problem. If your item is eligible for a return, you will be notified by email with instructions. In that case, the product must be returned unused, unopened and within 7 days of the date your order was received. A store credit or replacement product will be provided after return has been received. These shipping costs are non-refundable and all costs for return shipping are the responsibility of the customer. Pleasure ensure that any returns are shipped insured and with a tracking number and proof of postage. Bird's Party is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen packages.


Do you sell Gift Cards?

We are in the process of listing Gift cards in-store. Please note:


* Gift cards are emailed to you with a unique redemption code valid for  a duration of 12 months from date of issue

* They can only be used once

* Shipping charges will be applied to the recipient's order when redeeming the gift certificate

Email us to request yours today!


I can't see the product I require or the product I need is out of stock. Can I place an order?

You most certainly can! Our waiting list is on a first-come, first-serve basis. So please don't hesitate to email us so we can discuss the details. Please keep update on product availabily in each product page.


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